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Uploading Picture Files

Below are detailed instructions on how to create a directory to hold your pictures, how to copy them from a CD, and how to upload them for use on your website.  These are intended for use with the TII shopping cart, but may be used as general guidelines for uploading pictures.

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Create a new directory to keep the files you will be using.

Copy the files to the new directory from a CD

At this point to make it easier to identify the pictures as you add the new products to your shopping cart, rename the pictures you will be using to something more meaningful.

Resize your images

If you will be uploading pictures for your shopping cart, use picture editing software to resize your images.  The recommended size for pictures is 220 pixels x 165 pixels.

Upload the files to your website

Add the Products to the shopping cart

Now you can add the products as usual in the shopping cart. In the field for ‘URL location for a picture of the product’, specify the name of the picture file you uploaded for that particular product. It should be in the format of ‘ ../images/picturefile.jpg The picture should now show up in the shopping cart.

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